The secure path is the goal!

Sustainable IT training as an alternative to expensive purchases

Invest in knowledge and understanding rather than "magic" appliances and current industry hype.

CYSEC+ is an IT security training based on many years of pentest and incident response experience. The target groups are administrators, SOC employees and security officers.

Wireshark training

Vendor independent troubleshooting

Find performance issues and prove that the network is not to blame

WIRED is an intensive network analysis course for administrators and the typical must-do-everything-admin with the motto: Learn the clever tricks of network analysts to stop the network blame game.

Our services

Trainings - Guaranteed

Start End Location Event
20.1.202023.1.2020 Wien CYSEC+
27.1.202028.1.2020 Office Consulting
2.3.20206.3.2020 Berlin PAPW
9.3.202013.3.2020 Münster CYSEC+
17.3.202020.3.2020 Darmstadt TE + AWSA
23.3.202027.3.2020 Frankfurt CYSEC+
30.3.20203.4.2020 TBD AWSA
6.4.20209.4.2020 Hamburg CYSEC+
4.5.20208.5.2020 Berlin CYSEC+
11.5.202015.5.2020 Erfurt AWSA
2.6.20205.6.2020 Stuttgart CYSEC+
29.6.20203.7.2020 Münster CYSEC+
13.7.202017.7.2020 TBD AWSA
20.7.202024.7.2020 TBD AWSA
27.7.202031.7.2020 München CYSEC+
31.8.20204.9.2020 Düsseldorf CYSEC+
21.9.202025.9.2020 TBD AWSA
28.9.20202.10.2020 Frankfurt CYSEC+
26.10.202030.10.2020 Hamburg CYSEC+
2.11.20206.11.2020 TBD AWSA
23.11.202026.11.2020 Wien CYSEC+
30.11.20204.12.2020 Berlin CYSEC+
7.12.202011.12.2020 TBD AWSA
Free choice of datesAny locationCYSEC+ on site in your company!
Free choice of datesAny locationWIRED on site in your company!


Gitlab: XSS in markdown following unrecognized HTML element Advisory
CollabNet Subversion Edge multiple vulnerabilities Advisory
Wireshark ASN.1 aligned PER dissector g_malloc() crash (wnpa-sec-2013-52) Advisory
Dual DHCP DNS Server 7.01 remote DoS Advisory
Winpcap divide by zero and invalid read bugs Advisory
Vulnerability: Empirum Password Obfuscation Design Flaw Advisory
Skype Click to Call Update Service local privilege escalation Advisory
PcwRunAs Password Obfuscation Design Flaw (CVE-2012-1793) Advisory
Bypassing trusted remote file inclusion using XSS Advisory
torrent-stats httpd.c Denial of Service Advisory
NX Web Companion Spoofing Arbitrary Code Execution (CVE-2012-5003) Advisory
ACPID Shell expansion may allow privilege boundary crossing (CVE-2011-2777) Advisory

A selection of sectors for which we worked before. Projects encompassed security audits and concepts, incident response, network analysis and trainings:

IT sector, financial institutions, pharmaceutical industry, telecom providers, defense industry, aerospace industry, retail, software development companies, games industry, insurance companies, infrastructure providers, micropayment providers and government agencies

We have experience in implementing, analyzing and / or operating the following products:

Sourcefire IDS, McAfee IDS/IPS, Lastline, Greenbone Vulnerability Scanner, Loglogic, Fireeye (certified), Cisco (certified), Rapid7 products, Tenable Nessus, Splunk, Riverbed


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